Psychotherapy with
Ronnie Aaronson

Hello and welcome - I'm Ronnie Aaronson, I am a trained counsellor and psychotherapist and I find that both trainings are useful in different situations and working with different issues. I work in an integrative way - using the appropriate method for the individual depending on how they best work and according to the stage of recovery they are at. I always work towards the goal of the client.

Psychotherapy/counselling is a really helpful and valuable way to work through difficulties and problems. It allows space to talk to someone without interruption, opinion or judgement. You can explore different parts of your life and feelings, talking about them freely.

If you haven't tried counselling/psychotherapy before, it can feel scary as with anything that is unknown, particularly if you are used to keeping your thoughts and worries to yourself. In order to reassure you - it will always be you that controls the pace and the direction of the work. I provide a safe and caring environment, where you will be supported to express yourself freely and fully. Together we can explore your inner strengths and look at the choices that are available to make your life more fulfilled.

I specialize in working with individuals and groups who have addictions. Usually to begin with I work together with and support the individual to change unwanted behaviours and then later when individuals have found new ways to self-soothe I help them to process the issues behind the addictive behaviour: abuse of all kinds, adoption, sexual identity, depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship and other problems.

I also just work just with the underlying issues.

My Qualifications include:
B.ED (Hons) (London University)
MA in Psychodynamic Counselling (Reading University)
Diploma in Supervision (Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute)
Integrative Psychotherapist training (SPTI)
I am accredited by UKCP.

I have worked in primary care and in several alcohol and drug agencies. I set up and am co-project leader of the SWAN Project - an agency working to help anyone who wants to change their alcohol use. 

I work in private practice in Teignmouth and Bristol and I supervise other therapists in several other drug and alcohol agencies. I also provide training to other therapists on working with addictions.

Author : Addictions: This being human.

Contact: 07815 112535
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